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Our Values

We understand the magnitude of the decision around selecting an IT company to manage, maintain and advise you about one of your largest business assets. Qbit is 100% dedicated to ensuring the optimal future outcomes for you and your business. Qbit is a company that lives and breathes its values. Our IT Managed Services is built on our 6 values of Teamwork, Service, Excellence, Fun, Prosperity and Trust.


Qbit is an IT Company that lives and breathes its values. Our IT Managed Services is built on our values of Teamwork, Service, Excellence, Fun and Prosperity.

Teamwork You can achieve much more as a team by brainstorming, listening and considering each other’s ideas. Acting in everyone's best interest thus creating a win-win environment.
Service Good customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction. “Be there” for the customer and your co-workers.
Excellence Proactively seek, create and employ procedures based around high industry standards. Keep up with the latest technologies. Constantly educate yourself and others.
Fun Laugh with customers and co-workers, see the funny side of life, tell a joke. Enjoy life and work. Be spontaneous. Occasionally take time out and break the monotony. Plan and participate in fun social events.
Prosperity Have an abundance mentality. Think win-win when dealing with people. Value add-don’t discount. Find out what the customer needs and provide help to achieve their goals.
Trust Build trust by being consistent in our processes, services, products and adherence to our values.

Our aim is to build a strong long-term relationship built on four pillars