Cyber Security

Multi Factor Authentication

Password security is vital to the protection of your data. Unfortunately, scammers have become very good at convincing or tricking people into releasing their passwords. Therefore, Multi Factor Authentication is vital for all systems including your Windows logins.

Why is Multi Factor Authentication important?

Weak passwords are a serious liability for your business. The average user has almost 100 online accounts, many of which have their own password requirements. Password fatigue is a real problem and it’s putting your business at risk. It takes just one weak or cracked password for a cyber criminal to access all your data and accounts. How confident are you that every single employee is following password best practices?

The cost of a breach can be enough to put your company out of business. The average cost of a data breach is $148 per data record with sensitive information, which is $1.38 million when you consider the average data breach of 9350 records. This doesn’t include indirect costs like a damaged company reputation, lost customer trust and lost work time.

DUO Multi Factor Authentication

There are multiple systems that need to be protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). We protect our bank accounts and our email address, even our Facebook, so why are we not protecting the login into our computers?

If threat actors breach your PC then they can use tools to move through your network. They can pull passwords out of the machine’s memory to elevate their privileges to the administrator level. Once they have that the network is under serious threat.

All Qbit workstations and servers use Duo MFA to protect their logins. Call today to discover why you should also be using MFA across your network.

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Effective MFA Protection with Mobile Device DNA Duo provides a highly secure MFA product using a push message, QR code, or one-time password (OTP); and our mobile device DNA matches the authorised user’s phone when granting access to systems and applications.
Broad Coverage with Web Single Sign On (SSO) Stop worrying about remembering countless complex passwords. Duo’s secure single sign on (SSO) makes logins quick and easy. In addition WatchGuard’s ecosystem includes dozens of third party integrations with Duo – allowing companies to require users to authenticate before accessing sensitive Cloud applications, VPNs and networks.
Easy-to-Use Duo Mobile App No need to carry key fobs or thumb drives; instead install and activate the Duo App in seconds, and then use it to authenticate from a smartphone.
A Low TCO Cloud-Based Service Duo runs on the WatchGuard Cloud platform and is available from wherever you are. There is no need to install software, schedule upgrades or manage patches.