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Exceptional Service is what our legal clients expect and is what we endeavour to deliver every day. We understand that your IT needs to be exceptionally reliable so that you never miss a court session. We will quickly and efficiently solve your IT problems without adding stress to the demanding, fast-paced nature of your profession.

Working closely with law firms and practice managers

Law firms are at the forefront of technology and understand the need to focus on security, business continuity and compliance. Therefore Qbit works closely with each law firm and practice manager to ensure your systems are constantly being reviewed and measured against standards, such as the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

Qbit will ensure each law firm is allocated a dedicated technical Account Manager to look for further efficiency and productivity gains where technology and automation can assist with business processes.

Qbit's Service and Solutions for Law Firms Include:
  • Comprehensive IT and Cyber Security Assessment
  • Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Migration
  • Disaster and Business Continuity
  • Protections and Compliance
  • Agile Solutions designed to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Fully Managed Phone Systems
  • Specialise in Supporting FilePro, Delium, Leap & Coldfusion

Cyber Security for law firms

Cyber security is the number one IT concern for the stakeholders of legal firms. Understanding the cyber landscape can be a daunting task, let alone knowing how to mitigate the risks.

Your client’s legal matters and personal information are absolutely critical and confidential to each of those individuals and entities. Qbit understands the requirement to ensure you are constantly keeping your client data both safe and secure. This is why Qbit aligns its clients with the NIST Cyber Security Framework. This is explained in detail below to allow business owners and stakeholders to fully understand cyber security.

The below graphic shows the areas of the framework and how Qbit’s system, processes, products, and procedures can help you align your information communication technology (ICT) with the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

  • It is critical that we first identify what in your specific law firm needs to be protected. At first, this may seem as simple as client data and legal information. But when you dig deeper you will identify many areas that did at first not come to mind. Some examples may be a client’s files residing on a laptop and transferring that information to your law firm, asset management including software platforms within the law firm and end-user devices.

    Your website may not have client information located there. However, if it is defaced or even worse, it can lead to reputational damage. Identifying what needs to be protected for these reasons is the first step in your Cyber Security Plan.

  • Once we have identified your legal company’s risk landscape, with consultation we decide on the best processes and products to reduce your cyber security risk footprint. This may consist of cyber security training, change of processes or procedures, and products.

    The above infographic outlines the products, services, and procedures that Qbit has in its arsenal to ensure that your law firm is aligned with the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

  • Once we have identified what needs to be protected in your specific law firm and put safeguards in place to protect them, we need to develop and implement appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a cyber security event. This is necessary as it is impossible to 100% protect any organisation, however, it is possible to detect an event early and minimise the damage from an event.

  • In the case, your law firm has had an event detected, how we respond is critical. There are three key areas that need addressing, planning recovery from the event, public relations, and communication, and improvements to prevent reoccurrence.

    Understanding this will ensure that in the case of a cyber security event you are prepared and ready to respond. The confidence in knowing these steps internally at your law firm and having Qbit as your IT Partner, will ensure your clients feel confident you have responded properly and have the right policies in place to handle the event.

  • It is critically important to ensure your law firm is resilient and develops the strategies and plans to support the timely recovery to normal operations to reduce the impact of a cyber security incident. Recovery planning is essential to all law firms and should also encompass ongoing improvement to the recovery process and ensure your communication strategy is robust and tested.

    How your law firm recovers from a cyber security event, could determine the future of your organisation and its hard earnt reputation within the legal fraternity and your client base, both current and future.

    For more information on Cyber Security please visit our dedicated page.

Lynn and Brown Lawyers choose Qbit as their ICT Partner

We have recently changed IT providers to Qbit, and we couldn't be happier. The transition was seamless, and the service is fantastic. Thanks so much to John, Fabio and the team.

Jacqui Brown

Lynn & Brown Lawyers

Services and solutions for law firms

Comprehensive IT and Security Assessment
Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Migration
Disaster and Business Continuity
Protections and Compliance
Agile Solutions designed to increase productivity and collaboration
Specialise in Supporting Filepro, Delium, Leap & Coldfusion

Qbit can look after your hardware and software (M365 & SharePoint specialist)

Qbit can look after your hardware and software (M365 & SharePoint specialist)