IT Support

Internal IT Department Support

Qbit welcomes the opportunity to work with a range of scenarios where we are utilised by a company’s internal IT department.

Outsourced Help Desk

Smaller Internal IT Departments want to focus on the high-level projects and development of key applications and infrastructure and will engage with Qbit to provide Help Desk Support for their users.

Outsourced High-Level Server Support

Some of our clients employ a Level 1 internal support person directly for everyday desktop support. They then outsource the server infrastructure, network and business continuity to Qbit. Qbit has a wealth of knowledge and resources across 40 plus staff that can be a invaluable extension of your Level 1 internal support.

On Call High-Level Support

IT Departments may not be set up for 24-hour support 365 days of the year. This is where the resources, procedures and skills of Qbit can be utilised to provide internal IT department support for peace of mind that your high-level support has an option should it be required.

IT Department Backup Support

Internal IT Departments are human and need to have annual leave and sick leave. This is where the Qbit team and wealth of experience can be utilised when your internal staff are not available or are on leave. Our System Engineers will work closely with your team to deliver the support required under instruction from your IT Department.

Outsourced Management and Applications

Qbit has a number of smarts that IT Departments like to utilise, from managing user support requests and documenting your network’s key information in a ready-made application, to Cyber Security training. Qbit can provide the internal IT department support and solutions tailored to your IT Department’s needs.

Australia Wide and International

Perth Western Australia is home to many corporate offices from around the world and Australia wide. The challenge with being one of the most remote cities in the world is you need to have support on the ground. Qbit will work with IT Departments from any company and deliver the support required to ensure that the staff here in Western Australia actually have a System Engineer they can deal with face to face. This makes a huge difference and builds confidence that the staff are supported not just over the phone.

On the Ground Support for Interstate and International IT Companies

If your IT company needs a System Engineer in Western Australia then do not hesitate to contact Qbit. Qbit has worked with many companies around Australia and internationally to deliver a range of internal IT department support and solutions for clients, We deliver exactly what is required and will white label our support so that your client will see us deliver the support on behalf of you.