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IT Support for Not For Profit

Qbit are specialists in working with the not for profit sector. Our aim is to support, simplify and streamline IT systems in a way that enables NFP’s to run efficiently, securely and on budget. We like our NFP’s to let us pay attention to their IT, so they can focus their attention on the outstanding work they do for the community.

Infrastructure Measured

Qbit commences its engagement process by conducting a comprehensive IT business audit and business technology review. The review provides a benchmark against which existing infrastructure can be measured, as well as providing an analysis of your business goals and the technologies that will support them. 

The review also addresses issues at an operational level, as well as strategic technology recommendations that are ITIL compliant and support your business objectives.

As part of our not for profit IT support, we use an advanced network detection software, which enables Qbit to generate a number of reports, graphs and statistics about your network’s current state. This allows Qbit to provide NFP’s with evidence-based data, in an easy to understand format. 

This data is prepared along with the relevant recommendations, for direct presentation to your board and funding providers. Thus minimising the workload and simplifying the approval process for not for profit Directors and Managers.

Data includes:
  • Network & Security risk scores and graphs
  • Network & Security issues and recommendations
  • Network & Security policy assessments and recommendations
  • Security and operating system patch status
  • Active & inactive user status, and permissions matrix
  • Endpoint security analysis
  • Backup analysis
  • Comprehensive asset details and assessments including: Disk space utilization, Operating systems – Supported/Unsupported, Installed Applications, Asset Ageing, Endpoint security status

IT Support for not for profit

At its core, IT support for not for profits provides much-needed assistance and guidance when it comes to managing technology infrastructure and systems. 

Whether it’s setting up a new network, implementing cybersecurity measures, or maintaining existing hardware and software, IT support is an essential component of any modern organisation.

But why is IT support for not for profit so important specifically? For starters, these organisations typically operate with limited budgets and resources. That means they need to be especially careful when it comes to investing in technology and IT services. By working with a trusted IT provider, not for profits can ensure that they’re getting the most bang for their buck while still having access to the latest tools and technology.

Another key benefit of IT support for not for profits is that it helps ensure data security and privacy. With so much sensitive information being handled by these organisations, it’s essential to have robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect against potential attacks and data breaches. IT support providers can help implement these measures and ensure that data is being stored and transmitted securely.

Finally, IT support for not for profit operate more efficiently and effectively. By automating certain tasks and processes, for instance, IT support providers can help organisations save time and resources. IT support can also help organisations better track and manage data, leading to more informed decision-making and improved outcomes overall.

Data security and privacy are critical

Data security and privacy are critical concerns for not for profit organisations, especially those handling sensitive information. IT support providers can help implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect against attacks and data breaches, ensuring that your data is safe and secure. Don’t leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber threats – get in touch with us today to learn more about how IT support can help.

We have recently been reviewing how we work given all the changes that COVID-19 has created in our working patterns. We decided to seek two quotes for our IT support and we were impressed by how much time and thought went into the quote and the conversations we had to talk about our needs. John gave us all the time we needed to ask our questions. It’s been the smoothest changeover and we are looking forward to a long productive working relationship.

Pip Brennan

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