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Service Bank

Small to Medium businesses do not require their own internal IT staff, and that’s where Qbit steps in with Service Bank. By engaging Qbit as your Managed IT Service provider, you get access to a team of full-time qualified System Engineers with a broad range of skills and qualifications.

Why Use Service Bank?

Many IT companies don’t want to deal with companies that have less than 15 staff. In fact, we often get leads from other IT companies because they know that we have developed Service Bank for clients that have less than 15 staff.

Service Bank is Qbit’s cost-effective plan for small companies that don’t need all the support of a Managed Services agreement. It is also utilised by larger companies that need onsite support from a managed IT service provider in Western Australia or need to supplement their IT staff. The main difference between Managed Services and Service Bank is the pre-pay for professional services on a per hour basis.

With Service Bank you still get access to many of Qbit’s advanced systems which enable us to efficiently become your managed IT service provider. Our remote management system allows our System Engineers to setup and repair IT systems faster because it give us them advanced tools and diagnosis ability.

Our Service Bank clients have access to our advanced systems allowing us to:

  • Manage support requests 
  • Hold your IT network information security 
  • Systems and people to manage projects 
  • Account Manager to act as your IT Manager  
  • Keep your staff productive 

Qbit’s Motto

Qbit has carefully chosen its motto of “Exceptional Service and Reliable IT” because that is what our clients have told us they want. They want their computers to work when they turn them on and on the odd occasion they do not, they want fast competent support. Our clients have told us that they want new products and services delivered on time with minimal disruption.

This is what you can expect as a Qbit Service Bank client:

  • When you need support, you can talk to a System Engineer in under 30 seconds.
  • You have a dedicated Account Manager.
  • You have a dedicated team of competent System Engineers that get to know you and your systems.
  • We deliver a security-focused IT Management Plan.
  • Qbit will align your IT with the NIST Cyber Security Framework.
  • We only supply reputable hardware and software solutions. 
  • As we are one of Perth’s larger MSPs, we have great buying power and are given preferential support from our suppliers. 
  • We store your ICT information in an industry-leading secure IT Portal that you can have secure access to.
  • We are Platinum Partner of 3CX Phone Systems in Perth.
IT Support hours rollover monthly
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ISO Standards

Qbit is ISO9001 Quality certified and is currently working towards our ISO27001 Security certification. Having these certifications means that we have tested procedures in place for every aspect of our business. This leads to higher security and quality of Managed IT Services for our customers.


Having the correct IT systems in place can increase the efficiency of your staff and the experience of your customers. With staff being the biggest cost in most businesses, ensuring that you have happy and productive staff is crucial to the success of your business. Most of our clients see us as an extension of their business, that can be lent on when they need to find a better way of delivering their products and services.

Staff are hard to find and expensive to replace, providing them with a modern IT environment will help to keep them engaged and give them better job satisfaction. Modern IT infrastructure will allow your staff to work from anywhere with decent internet connection.

Qbit’s Account Managers will work with your team to ensure that your IT is running efficiently and that outdated systems are replaced. We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your staff are happy and productive, and that their IT is not holding them back.

The IT Management Plan delivered by your Account Manager will focus on cyber security and the replacement of outdated systems that may be reducing the productivity of your staff.

Cyber Security

Qbit’s Managed IT Services is aligned with the NIST Cyber Security Framework. We work with your team to ensure that all the areas of Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover are addressed in the security services and products that you decide to implement. We highly recommend you look at our cyber security page.

Teams Philosophy

Our System Engineers are split into teams. Having a dedicated team of System Engineers means that you get to know your team members and they get to know you and your IT systems better. Having teams also allows us to have some friendly rivalry between the teams. Our monthly ISO9001 Quality report has been an enormous success, with the teams always trying to outdo each other in their quality objectives and monthly results. These quality objectives involve answering the phones in under 30 seconds, starting work on tickets within 4 hours of being lodged, and keeping customers up to date with the progress of tickets.

One Stop Shop

Qbit can provide you with many of the IT products and services you need. Being one of Perth’s larger MSPs we have greater buying power and can offer you expert advice on what to buy. We have a dedicated Procurement Officer to ensure that your order is delivered as quickly as possible.  

  • Microsoft 365 licenses 
  • Internet connection, NBN or Telstra, TPG or Vocus fibre  
  • Phone system and calls 
  • Laptops, desktops, screens, TVs 
  • Servers, racks 
  • Boardroom setups 
  • WIFI systems 
  • Remote communications 
  • Photocopiers and printers 
  • Telstra Business Mobile Phone Plans
  • Office Moves