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SharePoint Online is a cloud-based platform that is part of the Microsoft 365 platform. SharePoint provides a platform for communication, collaboration, document management and workflow tools that any size organisation can use to improve productivity, security and compliance.

A Platform for communication, collaboration and more

It is imperative that any 365 and SharePoint migration is completed by someone with specialist knowledge. Qbit has Microsoft 365 and SharePoint specialists in-house. We have worked with many clients to ensure the smooth and effective implementation of these products across organisations of varying sizes.

If you are having problems with your SharePoint structure and syncing, we have great experience in this area.

While most organisations using Microsoft 365 have SharePoint available to them, very few take full advantage of the benefits it offers.

Document Management Systems SharePoint contains advanced document management capabilities such as Rights Management, Data Loss Prevention, Sensitivity Labelling, in-Place Legal-Hold, Versioning, Content Approval and much more. At Qbit, we can help you unlock these advanced features as required so that you can meet all your organisation’s compliance and security requirements. We will work with you to identify ways we can best help you reorganise and classify your documents using metadata (customised tags for your files), file naming conventions and effective and manageable permissions structures.
Collaboration By using the power of Team Sites in SharePoint we can create spaces where teams of employees can work together towards common goals, whether it is a departmental team, project team or a location-based team. Qbit can assist you to set up sites for sharing news, documents, lists of information and more.
Workflow Tools Bringing your organisation’s data and documents into a singular platform such as Microsoft 365 allows you to utilise the advanced workflow tools available – Power Apps for connecting to, and working with data; Power Automate to create automation flows to reduce manual handling of repetitive tasks; and Power BI to present your information in rich visualisations, which enhance your ability to understand and act on your data. Qbit can assist you with this process of automating and streamlining your workflows by combining the various services of Microsoft 365 to maximise your organisation’s productivity.
Communication A corporate intranet can assist any size organisation to share information with staff, provide centralised access to internal forms, policies and procedures, and for users to share news. Qbit can build you a simple single site intranet or expand it to a multi-hub intranet where each department or office has its own multi-site hubs with permissions controlling access to sensitive information or data.